iARTA @ the 17th international biennial conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology at UNT

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Panel: Art in the Age of High Security

Panelists represent members from the Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts (iARTA), a recently formed UNT research cluster comprised of affiliated artists, humanities scholars, engineers and computer science faculty. Panel members include David Schwarz (moderator / Music Theory), Shane Mecklenburger (New Media), David Stout (Music Composition / New Media), and Jenny Vogel (New Media). Artists have characteristically explored the potential of emergent technologies often revealing new methodologies and stimulating further developments in tool making in the process. Nothing less can be said for current advances, which are, more often than not, a direct or indirect result of security and defense research initiatives. Whether examining the social implications and emotional aura of anonymous web cam imagery or turning the first person shooter game back on itself, the iARTA panel members are critically engaged with the form, content and cultural context surrounding contemporary mediums. Panel participants will each present a short example of their respective research and then discuss some of the common memes guiding the artworks. Our discussions will touch upon such concepts as repurposing technologies of surveillance, moving beyond simplistic ethical binaries of "good" and "bad", (mis)uses, (re)uses of web portals, the real and the hyperreal, the unintended consequences of control systems, weaponizing abstraction in digital art, specular (dis)pleasure, voyeurism, (in)voluntary surveillance, and dead affect in an environment of "total" availability of information.

David Schwarz is an associate professor of music in the College of Music at UNT. He has written two books bringing cultural studies and post-Lacanian psychoanalysis to music studies: Listening Subjects (Duke UP 97), and Listening Awry (Minnesota UP 06). He is currently working on a Lacanian take on Electronic Art. He has studied Interactive Telecommunications (NYU 01), Music Theory (UT Austin 87), German (U Hamburg, 81), Comparative Literature (Indiana University 80), and English (UVA 75).

David Stout is a visual and sonic artist whose work in video, performance and installation explores evolutionary generative systems, artificial life networks and simulation environments. He is a recipient of the New Mexico New Visions Award (2007), the Harvestworks Interactive Technology Award and the Sun Micro Systems Award for Academic Excellence (2004) and a nominee for the USA Artist Fellowship (2008), International Media Art Prize (2004) and the WTN World Technology Award (2003). He holds an MFA in Film, Video and Music from CalArts (1985) and is currently the coordinator of the iARTA research cluster at the University of North Texas.

Shane Mecklenburger's work examines perceived value and conflict in media culture, science and technology. His installations and performances have exhibited at US and international venues including the Ubersee Musuem, Bremen Germany; the Border Art Biennial at the El Paso Museum of Art and the Centro Cultural Paso Del Norte, Juarez Mexico; The Studio for Electro- Instrumental Music in Amsterdam; and the Dallas Museum of Art. He received his MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently Assistant Professor of New Media Art at the University of North Texas.

Jenny Vogel works in video, photography and computer arts. Vogel's art explores the world as viewed through new media technology using web-cameras, blogs and Google searches as source material. She received her MFA from Hunter College (NYC) in 2003. She is a 2005 NYFA fellow in Computer Arts and is currently an Assistant Professor of New Media Art in the College of Visual Arts and Design at the University of North Texas. Her work has been screened and exhibited in group and solo- shows in numerous locations and galleries: San Francisco Camerawork, CA; Arnolfini, UK; The Siberia Biennial, Russia; The Swiss Institute, NYC; EFA Gallery, NYC; Kunstwerke, Berlin; PS1 Contemporary Art Center, NYC.

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