iARTA Symposium

02/13/2015 - 1:00am - 5:30am

The Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts presents the iARTA in-House Symposium featuring a wide spectrum of mini-lectures and demonstrations of Art and Technology from across the University of North Texas campus. Presenters include faculty and grad students from Music, Visual Art, Dance, Physics, Engineering and more.​

1:00 PM

David Stout : iARTA Professor - Music Composition / Studio Art – New Media

1:15 PM
From Here to Here: Spatial Negotiations Between the Live and Virtual Body

Dr. Mary Lynn Babcock : Associate Professor – Dept. of Dance and Theatre

1:45 PM
Physical Modeling and Multi-Channel Audio DSP Tools

Dr. Jon Nelson : Professor - Music Composition

2:15 PM
Music, Electronic Art, and Lacanian Psychoanalysis

Dr. David Schwarz : Associate Professor - Music Theory

2:45 PM
Trending Virtual Reality Technologies

Stephen Lucas : PhD Candidate - Music Composition

3:15 PM
Retro-Futuristic Technology – modular video synthesis at Denton’s LZX Industries

Liz Larsen : UNT staff media programmer & CEO / CCO of LZX Industries

3:45 PM
MaterialsSoundMusic – The visualization & sonification of elemental interactions and material properties

Dr. Marco Buongiorno Nardelli : Distinguished Research Professor - Physics

4:15 PM
Techniques and Technologies in Sense – compositional methods for work involving sonic immersion and development of a six-channel tactile transducers system

Dr. Panayiotis Kokoras : Assistant Professor - Music Composition

4:45 PM
Development of the Mi World PCS portable server, personal cloud, and streaming media mini computer

Dr. Shengli Fu : Assistant Professor - Electrical Engineering
Dan Talbott : Operations at Myth Innovations, Inc.

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UNT College of Music - Rm. 1001 - MEIT