May 2013 HAL Research Presentation

Dear Colleagues and Friends of iARTA,
I would like to invite you to attend the Hybrid Arts Lab (HAL) research presentation 
Friday, May 3 1:00 – 2:30pm
Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater 
College of Music (room MU 1001)

▲ Presentations will include the recent premiere of a virtual particle chamber installation, 
a demonstration of the nFolder audio-visual performance software, and an overview of a 
novel data sonification system based on the tenets of Knowledge Representation (KR) 
methodology. HAL research affiliate Cory Metcalf will also discuss his work with Cycling 
‘74, the software company responsible for the versatile Max/MSP/Jitter graphical 
programming environment. 
▲ HAL research is focused on artistic projects that suggest potential synergies across 
the arts, humanities, information and science disciplines. This is an ideal opportunity to 
learn more about iARTA and the scope of interdisciplinary arts and technology research 
at UNT.
HAL presenters :
David Stout Professor of Music Composition / Studio Art - New Media, 
Coordinator (iARTA) Initiative for Advanced Research in 
Technology and the Arts, Director, (HAL) Hybrid Arts Lab, 
University of North Texas
Cory Metcalf Instructor (EDP) Emergent Digital Practices, University of Denver 
Member of Cycling ‘74 Materials & Support Group
Research Affiliate with the iARTA Hybrid Arts Laboratory, 
University of North Texas
Stephen Lucas PhD candidate Music Composition, (CEMI) Center for 
Experimental Music, Graduate Researcher (HAL) Hybrid Arts Lab, 
University of North Texas