Ruth West: iARTA guest artist presents her work at the intersection of Art and Science.

04/16/2012 - 5:15pm

Ruth West is an interdisciplinary media artist-researcher working with emergingtechnologies. She envisions a future in which art-science integration allows us to opennew portals of imagination, knowledge and communication across cultures and createsolutions for our most pressing global problems. Ruth explores avenues for achievingworks with multiple entry points that can exist concurrently as aesthetic experiences,artistic practice or cultural interventions and serve as the basis for artistically-impelledscientific inquiry and tools. Her background spans new media, molecular genetics,information aesthetics, scientific visualization, virtual / immersive environments,augmented reality, psychology, neuroscience, and participatory mobile and socialtechnologies.

ATLAS in silico (image above, video below) by Ruth West is an interactive virtual reality installation which visualises the Global Ocean Survey.

Lecture Hall, Room 223, Art Building, University of North Texas.