The initiative for advanced research in technology and the arts (iARTA) presents ARTTEC - four evenings of conversation with leading interdisciplinary artists, curators and scholars at the nexus of art, engineering and science. The ARTTEC series invites an international group of prominent iARTA Advisory Board members to UNT to explore emergent art and technology practices across a wide spectrum of disciplines. This freewheeling conversation series, moderated by associated UNT faculty members, will serve as both an informative introduction to the field and delve into some of the ideas redefining artistic practice in light of 21st century challenges and innovations. The ARTTEC conversation series is free and open to the public.

Tools for Life Cinema Project, Timothy Weaver, (2008-ongoing). Form Flow Alignments, Synchronous Objects, Norah Zuniga-Shaw After Ghost Catching, Paul Kaiser. Blast Theory, A Machine to See With, Steve Dietz. David Dunn. DNA Extraction, Biort class, Robert Zwijnenberg and Jennifer   Willet. Difference Forms, Synchronous Objects, Norah Zuniga-Shaw 39˚ 44′ 11″ N x 104˚ 59′ 21″ W, Timothy Weaver, (2009) Into the Forest, Paul Kaiser. David Dunn. Biological Narrative #7: Danaus, Timothy Weaver, (2008) DNA Extraction, Biort class, Robert Zwijnenberg and Jennifer Willet. 3D Alignment forms,Synchronous Objects, Norah Zuniga-Shaw