BioMediation Concert at UNT

January 27, 2015

BioMediation was produced by iARTA in collaboration with CEMI, College of Music (Composition Studies Division) and College of Visual Art and Design (Studio Art / New Media). The BioMediation concert takes its name from the evening’s featured work presented by João Beira and Yago de Quay, two Portuguese artists currently completing their doctoral work in digital media at U.T. Austin . The event highlighted a variety of live approaches exploring a range of electronic performance possibilities including gestural and brainwave input, image to sound transcoding, optical-sonic feedback systems and hybrid human-digital-analog network interactions. Participating iARTA faculty and affiliates included, Copulative Signules: Prolixitic Light Chamber (2014), composed and performed by Martin Back (Studio Art). Aludel of the Dawn Albedo (2014), Created by David Stout (Composition Studies & Studio Art / New Media) and Cory Metcalf (iARTA affiliate, University of Denver), with music composed and performed by Trio KAZE and NoiseFold (Stout & Metcalf). Sonic Synergies V (2014), composed and performed by Panayiotis Kokoras (Assistant Professor, Composition Studies).

Click here for Photos from the event