Vesica Pisces

David Stout, Cory Metcalf, Reilly Donovan
Premiered at CURRENTS International New Media Festival

Vesica Pisces is a hybrid virtual reality and multi-channel projected video installation that provides a speculative glimpse into an inter-dimensional state where the viewer-participant enters a world nested within a world within a world.  The term, Vesica Pisces refers to a symbol made from two circles of the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each circle rests on the perimeter of the other. The artist team of Donovan, Metcalf and Stout utilize generative techniques in realtime algorithmic image, sound and music synthesis to create a tangible experience that allows the viewer-participant to traverse liminal boundaries.   The work is a continuum of the landscape tradition that explores classical figure ground relationships within a simulated environment that allows for powerfully visceral experiences including extreme fluctuations of scale revealing seemingly infinite heights and horizontal expanses. This vast scale is contrasted by moments of intimate interaction with impossibly small objects that are able to retract into, or emerge out of, a single point within the apparent fabric of reality.