Logarithmic Based Tuning Max 6 Patch

This is HAL's construction kit to create logarithmic based tuning systems..

There are two main tuning system families: logarithmic and ratio based tuning systems. If you are interested in ratio based tuning, please look at my other patch. The purpose of this patch is to demonstrated different tuning possibilities within equal temperament. The chromatic 12 note scale is ubiquitous and is generated through a series of operations involving the 12th root of 2. But the same algorithm can also be used to create 17 equal tempered notes within an octave, or 47. In addition, one can generate the Pierce-Bohlen scale by using the same algorithm except for substituting the mathematical operation with the 13th root of 3. There are many possibilities!

Created and Tested by Reiner Krämer. Please use the contact link if you encounter bugs in the code.