The Future - Alicia Eggert & Safwat Saleem

The Future, 2015

Alicia Eggert & Safwat Saleem

44” x 156” x 10”

light bulbs, laser engraved light bulb bases, electrical wire, wood, latex paint, data about international peace and conflict to determine each bulb’s on/off state

The Future is a data-driven sculpture that illuminates the overall state of peace or conflict around the world. The sculpture is composed of 206 light bulbs that collectively spell out the word “FUTURE,” with each individual light bulb representing one of the world's sovereign states. The base of each light bulb has been laser-engraved with the name of the sovereign state it represents, and the states are organized alphabetically from left to right. Bulbs representing states at peace are lit, while bulbs representing states in conflict are unlit. Determinations regarding the peace or conflict status of individual sovereign states are made on a weekly basis using data culled from various online sources, including the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP)

The Future was commissioned by and has been exhibited at TED2015 in Vancouver and the Cartagena Data Festival in Colombia.

You can read an interview about the work on Medium here: