Rethinking the Exhibition & Curating Communities

Feb. 3, Thurs. 8PM, College of Music Recital Hall

Moderator: Shane Mecklenburger

Steve Dietz: Leading new media curator, director of the biennial 01SJ Global Festival of Art on the Edge and guest editor of Public Art Review on the topic of Public Art 2.0 "Media, Technology and Community in the Interactive City."

Amanda McDonald Crowley: Executive Director of Eyebeam art and technology center in New York City, a cultural worker, curator and facilitator who specializes in creating new media and contemporary art events.

Dancing with Wires

Feb. 17, Thurs. 8PM, College of Music Recital Hall

Moderator: David Bithell

Norah Zuniga Shaw: Director for dance & technology at the Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design at Ohio State University - her recent projects include work with William Forsythe on his acclaimed Synchronous Objects.

Paul Kaiser: Artist, writer and member of the OpenEnded Group, an artists’ cooperative whose works span dance, music, installation, film, and public art - luminary collaborators have included Robert Wilson, Merce Cunningham and Bill T. Jones.

Art and Science Intersect

March. 3, Thurs. 8PM, College of Music Recital Hall

Moderator: David Stout

Robert Zwijnenberg: Professor of art history at Universiteit Leiden, NL. is an expert on the intersection of art and science and a founding director of The Arts and Genomics Centre, which initiates collaborative exchange between international artists and genomics researchers.

Timothy Weaver: Associate Professor of eMAD and Digital Media Studies in the School of Art and Art History at the University of Denver is an artist and former life scientist whose application of media technologies explores the restoration of ecological memory.

Sound, Art and Environment

March. 24, Thurs. 8PM, College of Music Recital Hall

Moderator: David Schwarz

David Dunn: Composer and pioneer in the fields of acoustic ecology, bioacoustics, interspecies communication, and scientific sonification - Dunn is visionary figure whose practice suggests a radical rethinking of the role of art and artist.

Paul DeMarinis: Associate Professor of Art at Stanford University, is an acclaimed electronic media artist and among the first innovators to use computers in performance - his recent work concerns the overlap between human communication and technology.