Exhibition "Partial Visibility" by Alicia Eggert at the MAC in Dallas

In Partial Visibility, Eggert considers time and language her primary sculptural materials. This body of work struggles to reconcile oppositional concepts of time - the linear and finite nature of human life within the context of a cyclical and seemingly infinite universe. Immaterial concepts are given tangible forms that are manipulated both physically and conceptually. Eggert coopts strategies and mediums associated with commercial signage and advertising, and employs them to encourage thoughtful introspection and reflection. The exhibition's title suggests the presence of something that we cannot quite see or understand and most likely never will. One of the pieces in the exhibition is Above and Beyond was created in collaboration with created in collaboration with Joshua Williams. This sculptural steel staircase is composed of the architectural terms that are used to describe its construction. The basic function of a staircase is to bridge a large vertical distance by dividing it into smaller vertical distances, or steps. Each step has a tread, a horizontal surface that is stepped on and which bears our weight, and a rise, the vertical distance traveled between steps. The words “rise” and “tread,” and the form they create in combination, embody the ideals and efforts necessary for social progress. It was created to inspire and empower the allies and advocates of gender equality, Black Lives Matter, and the LGBTQ+ community.