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February 20, 2019

5PM — Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater — Music Building (MU1001)

UNT Music Composition Division Chair Dr. Joseph Klein discusses his interest in literature as a composer, and his various approaches to written and spoken text—including vocal settings, instrumental renderings, theatrical interpretations, and intermedia performances. Writers of influence include: Franz Kafka, Christina Rossetti, W. S. Merwin, Elias Canetti, and Alice Fulton. This event is open to the public, and welcomes students with interests in music and/or literature, and especially those fascinated by the synthesis of different artistic disciplines. 

Klein presents the following works:

    • Goblin Market (after Christina Rossetti), for trombonist, prepared piano, and intermedia (1995)
    • Leviathan (after W.S. Merwin), for male voice, bass trombone, and intermedia (1998)
    • Zwei Parabeln nach Franz Kafka, for narrator, mixed choir, and computer music (2006)
    • Cornell Set — poetry reading with computer music (2011)
    • Die Schadhafte (The Defective) — character study after Elias Canetti, for solo violoncello (2015

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Presented by the Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society


November 02, 2018

iARTA is very pleased to announce that artist Carola Dreidemie will visit UNT in a residency November 2–16. She will be working on a research project as well as presentations and meetings with arts/technology students in the College of Music and College of Visual Arts.

Carola Dreidemie is Associate Professor and Researcher at UNRN Universidad Nacional de Río Negro, located in the town of Bariloche, in Patagonia - Argentina. She is Director of the Laboratory of Visualization and Creative Coding LVCC at UNRN. Carola is a visual artist working with code (mainly Processing PDE and Max MSP Jitter/Pure Data) and animation tools to create visual art. She is currently leading an interdisciplinary project with scientist from University of La Rochelle that formulates artwork from data collected from bee hive tracking done in Argentina and in France. Her background is in sculpture (MFA 1993 Pratt Institute, NY-USA) and photography (MFA 2003 Texas Woman’s University, TX-USA).


April 20, 2018

The 2018 North Texas Digital Fabrication Symposium was hosted at Texas Woman’s University April 20–21, 2018. Artists, researchers, makers and students came together at TWU to discuss digital fabrication, its practice, pedagogy and curation. The theme Humanizing the Digital inspired fascinating proposals from artists and researchers working with digital fabrication in a variety of applications.

The symposium events were organized around three sub-themes: Embodiment & Technology, Adaptation & Play, and Process & Practice. This two-day symposium brought together an exciting group of artists and researchers to share their work through moderated panel presentations, workshops, roundtable discussions and a corresponding group exhibition.

James Thurman's work was featured at the 2018 American Association of Woodturners Annual Symposium. Although the final form is a basic plate with a stand, a variety of non-traditional approaches are incorporated into it. The plate is made of “Thurmanite®,” a material I developed which is made of layers of recycled paper epoxied together with an eco-resin (this particular plate is made from different sections of a World Atlas). Then laser engraved with a pattern inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, as a tribute to this major figure in the Symbolist Movement.  The hammerformed copper stand emphasizes the importance of the handwork throughout all of the processes utilized in this piece.