Core iARTA Faculty/Staff

David Stout

Music Composition and Studio Art

Professor, Coordinator of iARTA live cinema, performance art, video-dance, live action film and animation, interactive video, immersive media installation, electro-acoustic music composition, sound-art and collaborative methods

Stephen Lucas

Music Composition

Lead Creative Programmer multimedia composition, new media, interactive performance and installation, web-based media, virtual reality

Associated iARTA Faculty and Researchers

David Bard-Schwarz

Music History, Theory, and Ethnomusicology

Associate Professor, MOEBIUS Editor psychoanalysis, culture, music

Marco Buongiorno Nardelli


University Distinguished Research Professor theoretical and computational materials physics

Alicia Eggert

Studio Art

Assistant Professor; Sculpture Program Director sculpture

Shengli Fu

Electrical Engineering

Professor, Chair of Electrical Engineering coding and information theory, wireless communications, speech and visual signal processing

Panayiotis Kokoras

Music Composition

Assistant Professor, Director of CEMI acoustic and electroacoustic composition

Jon Christopher Nelson

Music Composition

Professor, Associate Dean for Operations in the College of Music electroacoustic music, physical modeling, synthesis

Drew Schnurr

Music Composition andĀ Media Arts

Assistant Professor sonic-visual aesthetics, music and speech, film music

Jennifer Way

Art History

Professor art history, cultural theory

Ryan Bennett


Planetarium Manager dome projection

Joseph Klein

Music Composition

Distinguished Teaching Professor, Composition Division Chair acoustic music, intermedia, text-based composition

Andrew May

MusicĀ Composition

Associate Professor composition, interactive computer music

Christopher Meerdo

Studio Art

Assistant Professor new media, photography

James Thurman

Studio Art

Associate Professor 3D design, metalsmithing & jewelry, sculpture, installation, tableware, contemporary craft

Marcus Young

Materials Science and Engineering

Assistant Professor, Associate Department Chair for Undergraduate Materials Science Program development, processing, and characterization of structural alloys

Affiliated Off-Campus Members

Benjamin Dubansky

developmental physiology

Cory Metcalf

new media

Christopher Poovey

composition, creative coding

Seth Shafer

electroacoustic and multimedia composition

Jenny Vogel

new media

Affiliated iARTA Graduate Assistants

Benjamin Shirey

iARTA & CEMI Graduate Assistant acoustic phenomenology, art teleology, artificial life, immersive systems

Louise Fristensky

Graduate Assistant composition, improvisation, sound sculpture

Alvin Leung

MUCP1180-1190 Teaching Assistant composition, electroacoustic,multimedia