iARTA Participants engage in creative exchange in Chengdu, China

Composer, Joseph Klein at work with SCCM guitarist Joseph Mirandilla on the premiere of  “Der Demutsahne”


David Stout performs "Drill Wide Open" at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music

The exchange activities culminated in the presentation of the UNT Composer’s Concert. The featured works included Dr. May’s “Chant/Songe” for clarinet and computer performed by SCCM musician, Zhen Sun and “Ripped Up Maps” for violin and computer performed by May. Works by Dr. Klein included the premiere of “Der Demutsahne” ("The Humility forbear") performed by guitarist Joseph Mirandilla and “Die Tischtuchtolle” ("The Tablecloth Lunatic") performed by violinist Zhao Song. Klein also performed his own Cornell Set, a setting of four poems with computer music, commissioned by the Cornell University Creative Writing Program.  David Stout performed “Drill Wide Open”, an interactive audio-visual work exploring the mythos of the American southwest.