MetaMorph Series 01

David Stout & Cory Metcalf
Glass and Video Installation at Form & Concept Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

Transform Series no.1 is a set of glass sculptures created utilizing a blend of traditional hot glass blowing and generative digital visualization techniques. The visual forms in Series no.1 are derived from a mathematical process, whereby differential equations describing specific 3D geometric shapes are transformed, or morphed, over time from equation A to equation B. In this series, equation A is represented as a sphere and equation B as a double cone. The transformational process results in a fluid morphological evolution of one shape into another. The artists systematically selected key points along this evolving timeline and the chosen forms were then realized in the Pilchuck hot glass studios in northern Washington state.  The finished work consists of the set of glass objects and an accompanying video animation depicting the slow fluid organism-like transformation of these proto-vessels. This work was made possible by the generous support of the Pilchuck AiR program, with gaffers, Jason Christian and Daryl Smith, who were instrumental in the success of this project.