Nadav Assor's Upcoming Exhibitions

The video "Coms Device" will be shown in the following venues in January-February 2012:

  • Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, taking place in the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre between January 28 and February 5. From the festival website: “BEFF6, scheduled to open in Bangkok in January 2012, uses the platform of an experimental film festival to explore histories that await excavation from audio-visual archives in Southeast Asia and beyond.”
  • "Conflux", a show curated by Kate Shannon at the Pearl Conrad Gallery at Ohio State University’s Mansfield campus, running from January 19 to March 2 and featuring 25 artists from around the world, dealing with cross-disciplinary approaches to intersections of art and technology. More details at:
  • The film/video program “Satellite Stories”, curated by Marcel Schwierin for the 25th edition of the Transmediale Festival, a large scale annual festival for digital art and culture in Berlin, Germany. Transmediale 2012 takes place in the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) from 31 January – 5 February and explores the theme of in/compatible. Find much more information at:

The video "Strip Studies / Lakefront East" will be shown in the exhibition and symposium "Sonic Views 2" , curated by Adiya Porat, running from February 19 to 23 at Minshar Art Academy, Tel Aviv, Israel. The exhibition deals with connections between sound and architectural and emotional landscapes.